Why Cargo Data Standardization Can’t Wait

Many industries have moved to digital documents with standardized formats that are easily shared between all stakeholders. However, the logistics world still lags far behind. In this solo episode, host Judson Rollins explains why now is the time for digitization!

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • The current state of digital communication in the shipping world
  • The opportunity unlocked by 2024’s “maritime single window” requirement
  • Why digitization can reduce cost and grow revenue for carriers and forwarders
  • How carriers and forwarders can shape the digitization process

Money Quotes

  • “[This is] a once-in-a-generation opportunity! And what makes it doubly impactful is that it has the ability both to reduce cost AND increase revenue — for both carriers and forwarders!” [2:28 – 2:39]
  • “Why aren’t carriers and large forwarders clamoring for seats at the [TPMTech DevCon] table? For digitization to improve shipper outcomes and/or reduce administrative costs, carriers and forwarders must agree on cross-platform data formats and sharing.” [5:05 – 5:18]