Propel your freight services to higher profit without adding assets.

I help growth-oriented cargo transport providers increase their margins – regardless of whether demand is up or down.

Guarantee: If you fully implement my recommendations and your revenue per capacity unit (e.g., tonne-kilometer) doesn’t increase 1% in the first year, I’ll refund my fee and update your revenue strategy for free.

How can Propel help you?

I have the pricing expertise and market understanding necessary to grow your company’s bottom line. I’m adding new clients and returning to satisfied ones each year – and I’d be honored to have your company among them.

Contact me today so we can start mapping your flight plan to higher revenue.

Areas of Expertise

  • Pricing Strategy
  • Service Portfolio
  • Capacity Optimization
  • Sales Channel Mix

Judson Rollins

Hi, I’m Judson Rollins. Over the past 15 years, I’ve helped 20+ passenger airlines and cargo transport companies optimize their pricing, customer segmentation, route networks, and capacity.

Air, sea, road, and rail cargo carriers can use airline strategies to maximize their revenue and reduce selling expense. Cargo economics are almost identical to passenger transport: high fixed costs, low marginal costs, limited capacity, variable demand, and customers with a range of time sensitivity and budgets. I can help you earn more from your existing capacity — even if you have limited historical data!

I speak regularly to industry groups and other audiences who want to learn more. If you’re interested in having me at your next event, click the blue “Contact Me” button on this page.

I also give interviews and write content for media worldwide. Journalists and producers on deadline are welcome to contact me via WhatsApp or SMS on +31 6 1871 4018.

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