Air Cargo and The Road Ahead with Rudolf Zivcic

In the second half of his conversation with Rudolf Zuvcic, a consultant and educator in pricing and revenue optimization, host Judson Rollins explores concepts that air cargo carriers can pick up from their passenger-carrying brethren. 

Zuvcic talks about the challenges and necessity for modernization to retain employees and keep shippers happy. He also discusses the pros and cons of carriers building end-to-end transport networks.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • The role of tech-enabled brokers and rate marketplaces, and how they affect carriers
  • How air cargo carriers can modernize their service offering
  • Why talent recruiting and retention is more challenging for cargo than other industries
  • How carriers can grow their revenue “pie” beyond mere transportation
  • IATA’s difficult role as both industry association and solution provider
  • Why more carriers should offer time-specific delivery and how to implement it

Money Quotes

“Can airlines do last-mile, first-mile service? Yes, they can. It just means they need to buy trucks and they need to arrange drivers in all the places where they fly to… Does it make sense? For some, in some places, probably yes. Generally? Probably not.” [7:55 – 8:10]

“What surprised me most ideas or challenges described in these 20-year-old books is they are present in the same shape and form today … We don’t need to reinvent the wheel, or we don’t need to start looking for new approaches or new challenges. A lot of it is there, it’s documented. Just try to find a different way to make it work or improve on it.” [24:55 – 25:26] 

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