Insights from a US freight conference

Last week, I was at the FTR Transportation Conference in Indianapolis. Although a threatened US nationwide rail strike derailed (pun fully intended) much of the attendee list, several shippers and 3PLs were happy to chat about their experiences and needs.

1) Freight/cargo transport is no longer a commodity. Shippers are willing to pay a premium for speed, reliability, and visibility — and they’re holding 3PLs to account when their loads are tendered to underperforming carriers. Are you investing in improving your service, and are you charging more when you offer a superior offering over your competition?

2) If you’re turning away significant volumes, your pricing is too low and/or you’ve over-committed on contract business. Each is fixable; I can show you how.

If you suspect you’re leaving money on the table, you probably are. Reach out today for an introductory chat so we can start plugging your revenue leaks!